Board Run – arDuino Proto

Hi folks, We need some boards to do prototyping on Arduino so I am about to perform a prototype board run for the lab. Given that others often require such things I am putting up a prototype design shield for the Arduino (different from some of the others out there). One of the key things here is better cabling hence the ‘D’ connector (more of that D revival..) this makes interfacing simpler and more robust. You can even use these cables to just patch Arduino signals which is really handy.

Please take a look at the PCB layout below


If you have any suggestions, changes or notice any mistakes please let me know.

Obviously the more we can all order together the cheaper each board will be, and we will pass them on at cost as usual.




One thought on “Board Run – arDuino Proto

  1. Hi Al,
    Good call.
    Just got a couple of the standard kits and I can see this is a significant improvement.
    Is it intentionally non-stackable? I quite like that feature of the ones I just got.
    Is there room for the reset button that gets obscured?
    Maybe later it would be good to have some variants in terms of pack positions and connectors but this looks like a good one to start with.

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