Protuino – Prototyping Arduino or AVR

We had put off our arDuino-Proto board build until we new exactly how many we wanted to order, in addition a subtle change in our PCB sourced pricing, this lead to a  restriction in the boards dimensions. Whilst all this was occurring I had a sudden brain wave. What if we didn’t go the regular Arduino shield route, what if the prototype boards could directly accomodate Arduino or AVR circuitry?

So I scratched the itch and below is what I came up with:

Protuino PCB (minus ground planes)


It provides a barebones like Arduino onboard with minimum components along with a small prototyping area.

here are some key features:

  1. I tried to make it as low cost as possible (cheaper than a shield as no headers required)
  2. Smaller than the Arduino shield version
  3. It can be Arduino and AVR going down to ATMega4x…
  4. Its a member of the D-Type revival using an (optionally) 15 Pin D-Type connector
  5. Its cuter and smaller than a Duemilanove for prototyping 😉
  6. Did I mentions it ‘s going to be really low cost!

Overall I really like it and am going to order a large bunch of these for the lab, let me know if you want in on the order the cost should be less than €3/PCB depending on the quantities we aggregate over the next few days.


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