Lab Prototypes updates

Just to keep everyone up to speed I have been working on both the Arduino prototype boards following feedback and further enhancements.

Heres the new Protuino layout :


Here are the enhancements:

  1. The D-Type is now optional, allowing another 2 x 16 0.1″ row and/or a second DIL placement area adding lots more flexibility.
  2. Added 3 pin 0.1 spacing to allow side slide reset switch (or external) .
  3. Optimised the tight routing around the ATMega.
  4. Added (optional) ferrite bead smd to reduce noise on power line for analogue work.
  5. Added extra decoupling capacitors (optional) in first DIL placement area.
  6. Added optional blocking diode for alternate comms supplied power source
  7. Re-routed power circuits for easier access and layout
  8. Added top and bottom ground planes.
  9. Eliminated the need for any compulsory smd components

I want to get the first Protuino batch ordered in the next few days (we have some urgent prototyping to do!) so if there is any further feedback let me know swiftly.

I will continue to work on the arDuino-Proto shield as that will be next up for production.


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