Amino Beta Status and Build

received the Amino Beta prototype boards this week along with the paste stencil, I will be building and testing these during March. In order to build these I need to verify my new build process and am currently waiting on some small test sample boards to verify my new process. Given new build pitfalls I figured it would be better to test my new process with smaller low cost boards rather than diving in at the deep end with Amino Beta Builds.

Below you can see a couple of pics of the Amino Beta stencil and 4 prototype printed circuit boards. The boards are double sided FR4, 35µmCu, 1,6mm with solder mask, I have used PCB Pool to produce the prototypes as they do a reasonable deal including steel stencil which suits my new build. Amino Beta requires their finer Layout specifications >= 0.125mm (5mil)and >= 0.2mm (8mil) due to its tight layout and decoupling requirements. I could perhaps have achieved lower specs by populating both top and bottom with surface mount components, particularly decoupling, but that in turn raises build costs and is not compatible with my current build process. I should also add that modular add on hardware is not constrained in this manner as the interfaces are based around standard 0.1″ pitch headers.

Amino Beta Prototype PCBs
Amino Beta Prototype PCBs
Amino Beta Stencil
Amino Beta Stencil

I will keep you posted on the build process and will probably have some more news on the boards later in March. In the meantime I will step through the Amino Beta design and more importantly its modular hardware interfaces.


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