Amino Beta

Amino Beta has been designed in order to complete the Amino project hardware design phase by providing a suitable platform to test and finalise the project design goals, it should therefore not be considered complete and is thus subject to change. We expect however these changes to be minor during this final ‘Beta’ Stage of the project development. Nevertheless for project participants it is best to keep up to date with the project community to stay abreast of any changes, in particular anyone developing hardware compatible with the project should pay particular attention to start up configuration as this is the area most likely to change over the next few months.

Initially to some it may appear that the Amino Beta board is somewhat sparse compared to its various predecessor designs around Amino Alpha, this is in fact a purposeful decision in order to increase flexibility, modularity and access. Amino Beta’s simplicity also allows more diverse communication choices to be explored before committing to designs including on-board communications, this was done in order to expedite the finalisation of Amino hardware design phase. Had we waited for communications finalisation it would have delayed the completion of the more urgent modular hardware design phase. In other words we wanted to get something concrete out there to work with, particularly for those interested in designing hardware modules! This is in part also due to folks badgering me about moving forward, thank you for the encouragement, sometimes I need a kick in order to stop procrastinating 😉

So over the next few weeks I want to concentrate on the modular hardware design and explain how Amino Beta is designed and how one can build compatible modular hardware. The next few posts will concentrate on explaining Amino Beta hardware interfaces and updating its current status. through this period I am hoping that feedback from yourselves will help finalise the project and enables us all to start producing working hardware.


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