Welcome to The Folknology Labs this is a place where we discuss what’s brewing inside of Folknology’s Bot and Motion labs. We are talking OpenSource Software and Hardware.

Folknology Labs now also has a Tindie store

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I dont know if i’m writing in the right place.

    I tried registering at https://forum.mystorm.uk/about but looks like I put my email wronge I didnt receive a activation/confirmation email the user name i registered is maco1717 and the email is xxxx but looks like I didnt put the email right looks like it what it went in instead was yyyy could this be ammended and sent another confirmation email please.

    1. Hi Maco I have manually enabled your account as I could not change the email. When you log in you should be able to change it yourself, let me know on the forum if you cannot

    1. Hi Marco I have changed you email address as there was a mistake when it was typed in, you need too confirm those changes

  2. I am not certain but assumed it would email you at the corrected email address with a link that enables you to confirm changes. I you haven’t received such an email let me know and I will try something else.


  3. Hi, I have also problems registering (with username mikma). I haven’t receive any email but I am sure I entered the email address correctly since it is recognized by the password reset dialogue.

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